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Victorian Roller Derby League 2014 Round #4, Home Season – Saturday 12th July

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Did you know that in America, July is officially recognised as National Anti-Boredom Month? Those crazy Americans! They have everything – wild scenery, refillable popcorn at the movie theatre, and now completely made up holidays designed to keep kids occupied so parents can GSD (get sh*t done)!

We might not be American, but our favourite sport hails from the good old US of A. And because our fine skaters like to GSD too, here at VRDL we’re celebrating NA-BM as well! And what better way than with some superfluous acronyms and a ROCK EM SOCK EM DOUBLE HEADER?

That’s right, on July 12 we’re back at Darebin Community Sports Stadium with some THRILLS AND SPILLS for our favourite derby fans – YOU! With the All Stars returning from their American tour of the east coast, everyone at VRDL will be itching to put some points on the board for the home season.

Doors open at 5:15pm
5:45pm: Game 1! It’s the Rock Mobster vs Dolls of Hazzard.
7:45pm: Game 2! It’s the Dead Ringer Rosies vs Toxic Avengers

Darebin Community Sports Stadium, YMCA
857 Plenty Rd, Reservoir East VIC 3073

Yarra Trams line #86 (Docklands to Bundoora), Stop 57 (RDSC, Gremel Rd) will bring you right to our front door! If you have to drive, there is free parking at the venue.

Online tickets available now!!
Online sales close: 1.15pm bout day Sat 12 July.
Make sure you buy your tickets online, as you’ll have to pay more on the door.

All Companion Card holder entry is complimentary when accompanying a client. Please be sure to present your official Companion Card on the door.

Celebrate National Anti-Boredom Month by watching your favourite derby dames smashing skulls and taking names! We might not have an official holiday for that kind of thing in Australia, but gosh darn it – isn’t it time we did?

Please be aware, there are no ATMs on site. The VRDL merch stand will have eftpos for merch purchases, but if you are buying tickets or drinks on the day please make sure you have cash!

Showcasing VRDL Queen Bees V GRDL Bloody Marys + VRDL Gold Lions V WSDD Westside Glory!!!



One venue! Two winners! Three leagues! Four teams!

BOUT #1 : VRDL Gold Lions vs WSDD Westside Glory
BOUT #2 : VRDL Queen Bees vs GRDL Bloody Marys

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Winter isn’t just coming, it’s here. It’s cold and grey and miserable and literally the only thing that makes it worthwhile is the EPIC BATTLE about to tear through the city. It’s so epic that we needed to have TWO of them to encapsulate all that is epic about them.

And it’s all happening on Saturday JUNE 21! You can watch VRDL’s development team the GOLD LIONS take on our friendly neighbours Westside, and then – because we love you and want you to have nice things – you can stick around for MORE EXCELLENCE when VRDL’s QUEEN BEES take on the powerhouse that is Geelong! WHO WILL BE VICTORIOUS, AND LIVE TO REIGN ON THE IRON THRONE?

Doors open: 5:15pm
5.45pm – VRDL Gold Lions vs WestSide Derby Dollz
7.45pm - VRDL Queen Bees vs Geelong Roller Derby League

But that’s not all! You can also visit our excellent VENDOR VILLAGE to pick yourself up some derby related merch and goodies. You can also visit the fine folk of Cornutopia to keep your bellies full and your tastebuds satisfied. Wash it all down with some of that grown up fizz and what more could you want?

You heard right, folks! In the dead of June, when your fingers are threatening to fall off and you go to bed every night weeping and screaming WHY GOD WHY, WHY DID YOU CURSE THIS LAND WITH THE KIND OF NEVERENDING ICE FREEZE THAT FEELS LIKE AN EXISTENTIAL CRISIS BUT WITH FEWER GREAT WORKS OF FRENCH LITERATURE, just remember that there IS something to look forward to. It’s called roller derby, and it’s powerful enough to melt even the most resigned of given-upped hearts.

Be there or be like Jon Snow, of whom it is widely understood that he knows nothing.

Online tickets are already available and selling fast, but you can SECURE YOURS here:

Online sales close: 1.15pm bout day Saturday 21st June

We’ll be playing at our favourite venue, the Darebin Community Sports Stadium. It’s warm, it’s cozy and everyone looks just that lil’ bit prettier in the golden hue of the wooden floors!

Winter may be coming. But together, we can send that bitch to the penalty box.